About unpredictability...

A note on unpredictability

We’re very grateful to all of you who sent us proposals for our initial deadline. We have of course held on to these and you can tell us now whether you would like us to hold on to your original proposal or whether you would like to amend or withdraw it altogether*. Obviously you are all free to update or replace your submission at this point, if your ideas have moved on. Our new deadline is 23.00 on Sunday December 13. We look forward to hearing from you. If you would simply like us to consider your original unchanged just go to the application form and make the appropriate selection to the first answer.

When we launched Borrowed Time last autumn the interest our call provoked was so markedly higher than previous art.earth summits, we realised something here had tapped a nerve – speaking perhaps to a growing sense of pressure that many of us find ourselves looking for ways to articulate or respond to.

Perhaps it’s fair to say the ‘change’ aspect of our theme rather upstaged us. Like so many other plans laid these past months, the gods laughed and that was that.   

As we said in our postponement, the radical uncertainty and vulnerability which our communities currently face only deepens our resolve to see this gathering of lives and ideas somehow come to pass. By the time we sit down together to look at these new submissions, we in the UK will be moving into our first winter since Covid 19 entered our lives. This time we’re determined to proceed whatever happens but we’ve not forgotten the lessons of these past months, and aware of the possibility of further cosmic mischief, we’ll wait until the Spring to lay any concrete plans for what ‘creative summit’ will mean in this new context. We would dearly love to meet together at Dartington as we have done in the past, and meet together we may well. However, we’re now working on the assumption that any such gathering will either be flanked by a dispersed series of smaller, local and\or online gatherings, or just possibly, replaced by it. Time will tell. Let’s begin by proposing that Zoom, grateful as we are for it, is not the only answer to these times.




* if we haven’t heard from you by the deadline on December 13 we will assume that you no longer wish your original proposal to be considered.




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