We’ve released the new Call for Proposals for Borrowed Time (2021).

If you submitted a proposal in the first round, before our pandemic-triggered postponement, please read this. We will of course keep your proposals on file and will consider them along with any others. However you can choose to amend, replace or withdraw your proposal here. In any case, if we haven’t heard from you by the deadline (December 13) we will assume you no longer wish to be involved.

Please make sure you read all the details before submitting. This is the only way we can accept proposals. By all means email us with any questions, but please use the form to submit your proposal.

We welcome proposals from practitioners, thinkers and makers, from celebrants, scientists, and carers – inviting these and others to an assembly that will incline us all towards the unpredictable encounter, and towards apprehending death in ways that renew our understanding of what it means – and what it asks of us – to be alive. Art.Earth has a well-deserved reputation for the breadth and depth of its gatherings: at the darkening of the year in 2020 we’ll turn to the many ways in which the unsought visitations of dying and change bear upon and underpin our lives. 


Deadline: Sunday, December 13, 23.00 GMT



[image: Sarah Gillespie: Fallen Bee www.sarahgillespie.co.uk]