Our friends at Onca in Brighton this year (2021) celebrate the 10th anniversary of their renowned Remembrance Day for Lost Species.

Lost Species Day 2020 online gathering: How can remembrance practices for extinct species address systemic injustice? Understanding the links between species extinctions and racism.

The intention of the Lost Species Day 2020 online weekend gathering and open call is for participants to spend time learning together, building connections and moving forward in clear and energised ways that embed anti-racism in all Lost Species Day activities from here on. Expect a programme of online conversations and workshops exploring how ecological remembrance can or does contribute to and strengthen the intersectional environmental movement.  The aims of the weekend are:

  • Exploring questions: How can rituals for the Anthropocene be fit for the purpose of addressing colonialism and white supremacy? How can organisers re-shape DIY rituals of remembrance to do no harm?
  • Community building: Meeting each other and sharing projects and practices; making space collectively for emotions such as grief through dialogue, art and DIY rituals
  • Visioning: Asking what should this project look like on its 10th anniversary next year, and beyond? Reflecting together on Lost Species Day and shaping it into something fit for the future

This event is for:
– Artists
– People working to decolonise environmentalism & conservation
– Anyone who has been involved in Lost Species Day
– Anyone interested in DIY rituals, or practices around death and dying

All details are available here.