We’ve decided after much discussion to postpone Borrowed Time until November 2021.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the measures required to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 cannot be fully set aside for many months to come, and that we may well emerge from this pandemic into a changed world, with new sets of questions and new structures and behaviours. For all that, our theme feels more relevant, not less. The radical uncertainty and vulnerability which our communities currently face only deepens our resolve to see this gathering of lives and ideas somehow come to pass. We’re well aware that the language of our Call for Proposals has been superseded by the speed and the scale of the changes we currently find ourselves living through, but the core challenges that we sought to focus on in that text have of course gone nowhere.

Although we’ve now made a decision on timing, we still can’t honestly say what form the event will take; several new ideas are taking shape thanks to friends’ suggestions, and we’re taking all such into account as we use the coming months to reconsider Borrowed Time’s delivery, location and substance. Do get in touch if you’d like contribute to that process – as previously said, such a re-imagining is not something we mean to do alone.

We’ll open up this discussion the many hundreds of you who have expressed an interest in this event and in the topic of death, dying and loss, so please do visit the website (borrowed-time.info) from time to time, and connect with our Facebook page for further updates (art.earth).

We’re exploring a number of possible actions and activities to lead us up to November 2021 including the We’re exploring a number of possible actions and activities to lead us up to November 2021 including the potential for an online film exhibition and a publication and online formal and less formal conversations, some of which may be locally organised. We’d love you all to stay connected and participate in these events.

Please read the original 2019 framing statement which is now bring revised to reflect our new lives and context.

[image: Sarah Gillespie: Fallen Bee www.sarahgillespie.co.uk]