Vulture – application form

Places are limited and there is an application process involved so that we can curate a diversity of participants in practice and background. First places will be confirmed by the end of June and registration will remain open if there are places left until we are full.

Please note that whilst the fee includes all meals it does not include accommodation. The variety of accommodation onsite includes: budget single rooms with shared bathrooms at £140; hotel rooms with private bathrooms from £240; camping on site for £40 (own tent). Prices are for all four nights. There will be evening and morning sessions on most days so we recommend in order to get the full advantage from the lab that you are resident for the whole period. You can make your final choice when you register.

Covid19: Nearer the time we will outline our Covid safety precautions. If there is another lockdown period and we are unable to meet in person then we will contact you to discuss options.

How do you identify or experience your self? (gender identity, ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, class, ways of learning and communicating, anything else that makes you who you are.) We ask because we value diversity and difference and know how it is to be in the mainstream and in the margins. This matters in how we meet well together as a new community of inquiry.
We aren't looking for a résumé or bio here, but a flavour of what has led you to this moment of enquiry, what you'll bring and what your emerging practices and learning edges might be.
What is your intention in joining this course? What would you like to see happen as a result of your participation in this experiential co-inquiry?
This Lab will be both guided and emergent, led and participatory. How we are able to be together and be with our own responses is bound up with how and where we might find ourselves creatively. This Lab will touch on themes such climate change, racism, coloniality and extractivism, power and privilege. It is not however a space for intellectual wrangling nor for deciding who is right or wrong. We will enter landscapes of difference, of grief, of how it is to experience separateness and entanglement. This demands a certain level of compassion, courage, capacity to listen and to be lead by curiosity.
We're engaging with a subject area that can be deeply challenging emotionally, to our nervous systems, to our ideas of the world and the future and to our identity. While we will create conditions for safety in ways that we can, please share with us what support you have to help you meet anything that arises before /during / after the event?
Are you prepared to come alongside and nurture the adventure of others – as well as allowing yourself to be nurtured by others? There are likely to be moments of difference, vulnerability, polarity. Do you feel able to stay with that without needing to fix, fight or fly?!


We have a three-tier pricing structure based on your ability to pay. We trust you to choose the one that reflects the magic equation between your value of our time, preparation and skills and your earnings and outgoings. If you would like to enable others – including those hit hard financially by Covid-19 – to access this course please consider choosing the Supporter rate (Tier 1). Once we have accepted your registration we will contact you for a 50% deposit. The remainder of the fee will be payable before the commencement of the lab.

Protecting you and your information

We promise that we don't give or share your information with anyone else. When you submit this application you are giving us your permission to store the information you have given us here so that we can contact you about the lab. Read about how we protect your privacy