Following our announcement on August 9 we are now only taking online registrations.

There will be additional events programmed in the run-up, starting in the summertime; we anticipate these will happen mostly online.

How our events work

Our symposia operate like an academic conference (but generally friendlier and much more interactive). Everyone who comes can expect to receive as much as they give and the event should be seen as an opportunity to share knowledge with your peers. In that context, we require everyone to register and in so doing helping us cover the essential costs of putting these complex events together. If you are presenting you will pay significantly less than people who are not presenting and we have very low cost routes for freelance presenters or others whose wish to attend is outweighed by financial limitations – ask us. We are not here to make a profit, and we don’t. We have a pricing structure that should allow everyone to come.

One of the things that marks out our gatherings is their extraordinary sprit of generosity from everyone who comes, whether they are presenting or not. Conferences can often be competitive and sometimes unpleasantly so. We believe our events are not, in part because of the very broad range of participants and the general willingness to absorb knowledge as well as disseminate it.

What is on offer live or online?

Borrowed Time will be like a ‘conventional’ conference, done in the way.

We will make all of the plenaries and the parallel sessions available live online. You will be able to move around between sessions as you wish. In addition to the main sessions and workshops we will 

  • be screening a film programme from our website throughout the event and for an additional period following the event
  • provide bookable online meeting rooms and a ‘hangout’ space for more informal gatherings
  • have an online library (a mix of bibliography and shared articles) and 
  • an online bookshop where presenters can sell their books
  • provide a digital ‘whiteboard’ for messages, comments, thoughts, etc.

Everything except the workshops will be recorded and made available to delegates for a period of 12 months following the event, and then (with the author’s permission) made generally available free of charge.


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