Registrations are offered on the assumption that we will have a face2face meeting in November with some people attending remotely. If we ultimately are required to move to an online-only event there is a reduced registration fee and we will reimburse you the difference.

Read information about the venue. We will put off making a final decision about how we will offer Borrowed Time probably until the end of August/early September. Much will depend on how the pandemic progresses over the coming months. Clearly anything could happen with Covid-19, but the preponderance of evidence and projection would seem strongly to support the likelihood of a ‘normal’ face2face event.

Even in a best case scenario we envision at least some element of social distancing will need to be maintained if we are able to go ahead and offer a face2face gathering, which is always our preference. That implies that numbers will be limited. We are working with the venue at the moment to found out just how limited those numbers will be.

If you are from afar and your in-person participation in Borrowed Time would require air travel, we ask that you consider carefully the carbon cost of joining us in person. This is not a decision we can make for you but should you decide to participate virtually we will do our very best to create a community as close to a in-person one as possible.

There will be additional events programmed in the run-up, starting in the summertime; we anticipate these will happen mostly online.

How our events work

Our symposia operate like an academic conference (but generally friendlier and much more interactive). Everyone who comes can expect to receive as much as they give and the event should be seen as an opportunity to share knowledge with your peers. In that context, we require everyone to register and in so doing helping us cover the essential costs of putting these complex events together. If you are presenting you will pay significantly less than people who are not presenting and we have very low cost routes for freelance presenters or others whose wish to attend is outweighed by financial limitations – ask us. We are not here to make a profit, and we don’t. We have a pricing structure that should allow everyone to come.

One of the things that marks out our gatherings is their extraordinary sprit of generosity from everyone who comes, whether they are presenting or not. Conferences can often be competitive and sometimes unpleasantly so. We believe our events are not, in part because of the very broad range of participants and the general willingness to absorb knowledge as well as disseminate it.

What is on offer live or online?

Borrowed Time will be like a ‘conventional’ conference, done in the way.

In addition to papers, presentations, panels, discussions, workshops and keynote events, and whether we are face2face or online, Borrowed Time will also include:

  • an online Film Festival AND/OR a screening space with a looped film programme including filmed performances
  • online Exhibition(s) AND/OR gallery exhibition
  • ONLINE hang-out spaces where you can go and have a virtual cup of coffee with someone (or a group) you want to talk to. These will be non-bookable and open-access at the times shown in the programme.
  • ONLINE a virtual library / bibliography
  • ONLINE a bookshop with a curated selection of books AND/OR a physical bookshop during the symposium
  • Additional events including at least one keynote talk and additional events programmed from April on.


We have made the decision to go ahead with Borrowed Time based on what we perceive to be the likelihood that we will be allowed to operate a ‘normal’ face2face event. Of course, there are many unknowns even if we are only looking at delegates from within the UK. Travel restrictions coming into the country may also complicate delegate participation.

We will make an initial decision on how we are moving forward at the beginning of September

  • If it seems likely that we can only go ahead with the event with social distancing rules in place we may be forced to go entirely online. In this instance we will refund anyone who does not with to go ahead or offer a £40 refund for those delegates who attend the online-only event. Any accommodation costs will be refunded in full.


Borrowed Time registration
if we are forced to go online only we will refund £45 of your registration fee and 100% of any booked accommodation
Standard Delegate. |. £235 |. BOOK NOW
includes access to all online materials, all presentations/events, workshops, hosting facilities (incl. meals & snacks), option to contribute to the BT publication
Early Bird | £195 |. BOOK NOW
same as Standard Delegate (limited numbers available)
Presenter – institutional affiliation / salaried | £210 |.BOOK NOW
available to Presenters only – same as Standard Delegate, password-protected registration
Presenter – freelance/independent | £165 |. BOOK NOW
available to freelance Presenters only – same as Standard Delegate, password-protected registration
Concession | £150 |. BOOK NOW
a special rate for students, or unwaged participants, gives same benefits as Standard Delegate.
You will be asked to show evidence of concessionary status when you register.
Bursary / Digital Bursary | £25 |. BOOK NOW
a special registration for individuals willing to give some time to help with production tasks at the event or online.
You will be asked to sign an agreement outlining the details.
Accommodation B&B (per night)
Accommodation (can be added to your registration booking or added later at any time).
There is a range of pricing from budget accommodation to ensuite hotel accommodation.
All rooms have limited numbers and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
We have pre-booked all the accommodation on the Dartington site so you will not be able to book direct.

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