Paul Michael Henry

October 31, 2021  19.40 – 20.40 GMT/UTC+0
The premiere of a new dance film

My whole face sort of fell off

 I don’t know what to tell you about death or the Anthropocene. I know no more than you. But I can tell you of my own marriage with death. I can show you something of the moonside of my pillow. 


Paul Michael Henry is a Scottish performance artist, dancer and musician. His work is informed by Butoh dance, punk rock and ritual, and is performed all over the world. Recent projects include SHRIMP DANCE (a multimedia dance work exploring the links between anti-depressants, ecological crisis and late capitalism), a tour of the United States with Laughter at Being Crushed, touring as a Butoh dancer in France and Japan, the premiere of new performance Mammy at CCA Glasgow, and a new film exploring high rates of male suicide in Scotland and globally called SMITE ME NOW. He is currently working towards a PhD at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, researching techniques for shifting our sense of self from Individual-Consumer to Interdependent- Ecological.

Michael’s themes are political, social & spiritual, dealing with love, neglect of the body, destruction of the environment and atrophy of the soul in consumerist society.

He is also Artistic Director and creator of UNFIX, an evolving and experimental festival platforming ecologically committed performance, dance, music, film and discussion. UNFIX is intended as a contribution to the waking up of the human species to our predicament in an age of climate change, massive inequality and crazy consumerism. It is based in Glasgow and is ongoing there and in New York City and Tokyo.


Others say:

Utterly compelling… the astonishingly talented Henry has much to say.
– Glasgow Theatre Blog

A singular talent of grace and power
– Lorna Irvine (reviewer for the List and Exuent)

A disciplined, creative and unique performer to Scotland and I have not seen his like in Europe in fact. His movement has a beauty and intensity which has its roots in Japanese Butoh.
– Morag Deyes (Artistic Director, Dance Base Edinburgh)

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