• How do we come up close and personal with the immense and impossible questions we face today?
  • How do we grieve, rage and love well as an ongoing practice of living now?
  • How do we find ways to engage that de-centre that which has occluded other kinds of power, other voices?

What do the processes of death, demise and decay offer us as generative invocations to presence and possibility?We are not seeking right answers, shared agreement or solutions. We are becoming intimate with and more awake to our entanglements with the parts of these times that we and others often avoid. Those moments when conversations tail off, or meet a cultural or personal taboo or become polarised into rightness and wrongness or are just too close to that place of grief, or of not knowing to feel prepared to go there…

This 5 day residency offers a shared process of leaning in to the trouble using a loose ‘score’ based on the words (in English) used to describe a group of Vultures: Kettle, Committee, Wake.

Vultures kettle*, soaring above the landscape, riding thermals, looking for a carcass to feed on. Coming to ground by a carcass they gather as a committee, land on nearby trees or soil to survey more closely and wait for all to arrive.

The’ wake’ is where the pulling apart, devouring, becoming intimate with the carcass happens. The transformation. The coming together of life and death.

Post-wake there is the emptiness of the space left behind.

Post-wake there is digestion, and eventually excretion which feeds the soil for new things to grow…

We will kettle together observing aspects of the landscape of our collective troubles, fix our gaze on the carcass of a chosen theme, committee together as a way to find shared ground, co-create a wake and spend time in digestion. Out of this ‘score’ we will create offerings in the shape of reflections, movement, writing, artefacts, imagery. We’ll follow this score a number of times.

Unlike a real vulture wake, we are here entering unknown space, our wake includes practices of sitting with, slowing down, trying on different roles, ingesting ideas or notions we’ve not chosen before. We support each other to move towards the edges of our knowing. We hold compassion for these at all times allowing the wake to be safe enough to be messy. We grieve, laugh, analyse, experiment.

Our time together will be both guided and emergent, and time will be spent as a group and in solo work. The approach in this Lab draws on work from Joanna Macy, Theatre of The Oppressed, Process Work / World Work, Authentic movement and presencing. Materials will be provided for making / mark making with space for moving indoors and out. No particular skills needed to engage and we hope for a good mix of participants bringing different skills, approaches, lived experience and questions.

From the Vulture Wake, we will offer something of our research together (a series of images / some writing / drawings / a film) into the final Borrowed Time Symposium.


Sunday September 5, starting at 14.30 BST to
Thursday September 9, ending around 16.00 BST


Dartington Hall, South Devon UK (more venue information here)


We have a three-tier pricing structure based on your ability to pay. We trust you to choose the one that reflects the magic equation between your value of our time, preparation and skills and your earnings and outgoings.

If you would like to enable others – including those hit hard financially by Covid-19 – to access this course please consider choosing the Supporter rate (Tier 1).

Tier 1 (Supporter) £600 – a portion of your fee will go towards supporting a place for someone with fewer financial resources.

Tier 2 (Standard) £450 – this is the rate we expect most people will choose

Tier 3 (Supported) £150 – if your financial resources are unable to stretch to the cost of a standard registration.

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