Poet/writer/performer Em Strang has set up a new Facebook public group, If I Die Sooner Rather Than Later.

It is new, and embryonic, but may be of interest to those visiting here.

Here’s what Em says in her introductory post:

I woke up this morning, March 17th 2020, and realised I wanted to create a space for myself and others to think and talk about death. This is not about being morbid, but about looking at death as part of life; about being open to what it might teach us; allowing each of us to hold different views and beliefs; and about facing what comes to us all at some time, perhaps sooner rather than later, given the current pandemic. Because of coronavirus, I’ve been compelled to think more about death and dying, my own and others’. I wanted to create a space where this could be talked about openly and without judgement.

[image: Em Strang]