november, 2021

01nov15:4516:15Y Preston: With love, from the new world15:45 - 16:15 Studio 1Event type:PresentationTopic:Ecological Grief


(Monday) 15:45 - 16:15


Studio 1

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Yan Preston: With love. From the new wild.

A pink love heart shrines on the industrial wasteland of Burnley, Lancashire. A thriving, blossoming rhododendron bush that is seen as invasive, guilty of threatening the treasured British landscape with their beloved oak trees. By imagining a landscape of disappeared oak and expanding rhododendron, the paper investigates the politics associated with the ideas of wildness and invasiveness within the biosphere. It attempts to re-imagine national landscape (in this case, England) in which weeds, invasive plants and unwanted nature are accepted and integrated like the dead oak.

Speakers for this event

  • Henna Asikainen

    Henna Asikainen

    I have developed art works with refugee and asylum seeker groups living in the North East. Through my work with refugee community, I became acutely aware of the paradoxical disparity regarding international discussions on climate change and its social aspects as a cause for migration. Although global warming is recognised as the biggest threat to humanity, from a legal perspective, climate refugees simply don’t exist. There is currently no recognised legal framework that accounts for the needs and rights of those affected and climate change as a driver of this migration is rarely recognised let alone given a voice. My intention is to raise these issues in the project and artistic outcomes.



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    • 31/10/2021
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