V Arduini: Life & Death, an interspecies storytelling

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Viola Arduini: Life & Death, an interspecies genetic storytelling

The protein that allows placenta formation in humans comes from retroviruses; microorganisms shaped our motherhood. Mass extinctions are loss of stories. While I am writing this, a virus, a piece of RNA with a crown of proteins, is deeply changing our lives. When a species dies off, their songs disappear with them. Thinking of DNA as a language and exchange of information crucial for doing and undoing life, is at the center of my recent body of works, Ananke (the Necessity). Genetics as interspecies teaching in the bodies, deaths, cultures and learnings of humans and more-than-humans.

Other contributors: All the organisms that share this genetic living, learning, and dying with us.

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  • Viola Arduini

    Viola Arduini

    I am an Italian artist and educator living and exploring the liminal spaces among cultures, fields of knowledge, and species. In my work, I mainly investigate the relationships formed by humans, animals, and technology. I studied in Italy, United Kingdom, and more recently the United States, where I received an MFA in Art & Ecology at the University of New Mexico. In New Mexico, I have learnt how to live far from the sea, how much I love teaching, and that spicy food can become an addition. A more complete professional resume on my website https://www.violaarduini.com/about

    URL http://www.violaarduini.com