november, 2021

02nov10:1510:45J Ribs: BE-COMING KI(N)10:15 - 10:45 Studio 1Event type:PresentationTopic:Other-than-human


(Tuesday) 10:15 - 10:45


Studio 1

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Jatun Ribs: Be-coming Ki(n)

A work by and with Jatun Risba “I” is dying (psychologically) … “I” deserts the dictatorship of the mind and surrenders … “I” cries out and expels the fear … when be- coming ki(n)*

The work is a further development of Jatun Risba’s actio ‘Exercises in Dying’ (2017) and marks the artist’s entering into a post-species and post-anthropocentric ki(n) domain. The setting is basic. The actio (rite of passage) will be held in a studio space with large windows, natural light. The artist stays in “the zone” (a sacred space, created by a wide semi-unfolded roll of white fabric that has been kept in soil for several months) from dawn to dawn, during which ki is engaged in a process of self-undoing. Shading human limitations, behaviours, prejudices and emerging as ki(n) while corresponding with the animated surrounding, forms of life and matter… Doing automatic speaking, conversing, vocalizing, enacting, crawling … A torso of the artist (without hands and with a widely open mouth, made in natural beeswax) is embodying the psychic forces awakened in the process. The sculpture is transformed into a mediatic magic object that will be anonymized and disfigured during the rite of passage. Risba is erasing the distinctive traces of the figure through the use of both touch and natural heat of the body, together with the witnesses and co-performers who are invited to join in. In the last phase of the actio, the torso will return to the soil. The durational action lasts from dawn to dawn on the All Souls’ Day, 2.11.2020. The 24 hrs are divided into 6 four-hours-long cycles that function as portals into an intrinsic journey through the 6 bardos*** emerging out of the breaking of oneself. Kyenay Bardo (starting at down; around 6-10am) is the first bardo of birth and life. This bardo commences from conception until the last breath, when the mindstream withdraws from the body. Milam Bardo (around 10am-2pm) is the second bardo of the dream state. The Milam Bardo is a subset of the first bardo. Samten Bardo (around 2pm-6pm) is the third bardo of meditation, of cultivated clear-mindedness. Chikhai Bardo (around 6pm-10pm) is the fourth bardo of dying. Chönyi Bardo (around 10pm-2am) is the fifth bardo of the luminosity of the true nature which commences after the final ‘inner breath’. It is within this bardo that visions and auditory phenomena occur. Concomitant to these visions, there is a welling of profound peace and pristine awareness. Sidpa Bardo (around 2am-6am) is the sixth bardo of becoming or transmigration. This Bardo endures until the inner-breath takes form in a new existence. * Ki (kin plural) is a postspiciest pronoun, the universal participle of the developing language of terrestrial kinship. ** The artist uses the Latin term actio to designate performative actions with spiritual or civil implications. *** In some schools of Buddhism, bardo is an intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth.

Speakers for this event

  • Jatun Ribs

    Jatun Ribs

    Jatun Risba (SLO/UK) – ki – is an interdisciplinary artist and joker exploring beyond human paradigms. Risba’s favourite pronouns are ki (sing.) and kin (poss. plur.). By approaching Art, Science and Technology in terms of ritual mysticism, Risba recovers poetry and magic in contemporary societies. These ‘arts of self’, performed among and with kin through actios, happenings, installations, workshops, lectures, ... create opportunities to reveal, undo, expand and rewire the selfhood. Risba's current artistic investigation deals with the theme ‘Life matters’ that unfolds into two frameworks. The first one is ‘Stock exchange’: a philosophical and practical investigation of life matter. The second one is ‘Be-coming ki(n)’ and is connected with a performative undoing of humanness for the emergence of Earthly kinship. Risba has presented work internationally: in Slovenia, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, the USA, Mexico and the UK and was the recipient of the a-n Artist Bursary in 2019.



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    • 31/10/2021
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