november, 2021

01nov15:4516:15H Asikainen: Between two shoresA keynote talk from Bayo Akomolafe15:45 - 16:15 Studio 1Event type:PresentationTopic:Ecological Grief


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Studio 1

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Henna Asikainen: Between two shores

The ‘ Between Two Shores’ project is structured around two main elements: 1. Climigration Testimonies Video Archive; and 2. A shared solidarity performance event held in the unique landscape of the Holy Island pilgrims causeway. (The social, cultural and historical relevance to the respective community highlights the importance of engaging the local when considering responses to global issues.)

Shared solidarity performance event

To highlight the impact of climate change in a local context, a public participatory walk for local communities and incoming migrants will take place across the tidal causeway in the North Sea to Holy Island, a site of spiritual, historical and ecological importance. Climate change will have a devastating impact on causeways such as this – many have already disappeared, and sea level rise will eliminate many more. The route across the Holy Island causeway follows an ancient path of pilgrimage and offers a symbolically charged –iconic setting for the event and the resulting artistic outcomes. The walk across the causeway will create a dynamic and emotive contribution to the debate on climate change, human rights and migration. It will highlight the tangible effect of climate change as we contemplate the disappearance of a much-loved feature of the local landscape. Traversing the path together becomes an act of solidarity – bringing together the local population and refugee communities.

The event is designed to produce a strong visual impact and lasting memories for those taking part, as well as uniting individuals and organisations in acting together for change and taking us towards a future where both people and planet will flourish. The event will be documented with multiple cameras in video and photography to create a tapestry of perspectives and will form the basis of a number of artistic outcomes which can be displayed in online platforms, as well as exhibitions.

Fundamental to this initiative is the bringing together project partner organisations (refugee agencies, arts organisations, environmental organisations) and the voices of participants in the context of positive actions on climate. It is my firm belief that artists can have agency by bringing together different ‘actors’ and in this extended conversation, where collaborative solidarity, and generosity in approach and understanding underpins what we do.

Speakers for this event

  • Henna Asikainen

    Henna Asikainen

    I have developed art works with refugee and asylum seeker groups living in the North East. Through my work with refugee community, I became acutely aware of the paradoxical disparity regarding international discussions on climate change and its social aspects as a cause for migration. Although global warming is recognised as the biggest threat to humanity, from a legal perspective, climate refugees simply don’t exist. There is currently no recognised legal framework that accounts for the needs and rights of those affected and climate change as a driver of this migration is rarely recognised let alone given a voice. My intention is to raise these issues in the project and artistic outcomes.



    • Day 1
    • 31/10/2021
    • 16.00 Opening day events16.00 - 21.00Opening day events including keynotesSpeakers: Bayo Akomolafe, Beatrice Allegranti