E Lindsay & J Pond: A New Survivalism

02nov09:1510:45E Lindsay & J Pond: A New Survivalism09:15 - 10:45(GMT+00:00) View in my timeEvent typeWorkshopTopicEmbodied PracticeSession ID: Session 5A


(Tuesday) 09:15 - 10:45(GMT+00:00) View in my time

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Emma Linsday & Julia Pond: A New Survivalism

Embodied workshop using movement and walking practices, both live and audio-guided.


A movement of individuals who actively prepare for potential future emergencies which include disruptions to environmental, social or political order.

We propose a New Survivalism, an alternative stockpiling of sensory experience, so that we might tell embodied stories of what once was to future generations. This collecting of the sensuous will take place during a 90-minute online/offline video call session including movement exploration and audio guide. We will focus on tuning into the sensory world, being-with places of decomposition and decay, as well as exploring a practice of remembering. We will investigate the notions of ‘once’ and solastalgia, as well as the questions: What is here? What is no longer present? Where are the gaps? How might be inhabit and sit with the gaps within the current sensuous world? 

Within the movement exploration and audio-guide, we will encourage a tuning into the physical present in the hope that we might foster a kind of storytelling that moves beyond the scientific facts and figures of predominant environmental discourse. In the west, we often turn to archaeological excavation in order to illuminate the past, digging the archive of the earth. Connecting to the biosphere though a sensitivity to movement, we hope to explore an alternative kind of archaeology, a non-linear, anti-colonial unveiling of eternity within the present moment, a tapping into deep time, a deviation from capitalist clock-time.  

Through various movement prompts, we will encourage moving from listening, moving from the memory of touch, and moving from sight. We will draw attention to spaces of decay, decomposition and fungal growth. Through movement invitations we will explore these decaying spaces, not through the lens of loss, but rather as a place of cyclical regeneration. 

Participants will be invited to explore their local patch, park or garden. All participants are advised to prepare weather/terrain appropriate clothing as well as water and a phone and headphones in order to listen to audio

Speakers for this event

  • Emma Linsday

    Emma Linsday

    Independent artist

    Trained in Fine Art, my practice centres on performance art, installation and movement and writing practices. Having completed a BA at Falmouth University, I have since expanded upon the movement-based elements of my practice whilst studying for an MFA in Creative Practice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance. Central to this is an ongoing investigation into how performance and socially engaged movement practices can reinvigorate our perceptual experience and understanding of the changing ecologies and shifting political spheres we exist amongst. My current investigations draw primarily on somatic movement practices (emphasis on internal physical perception and mind-body connection) and movement improvisation. I work collaboratively in all avenues of my creative practice, including the production and publicity of exhibitions held at independent galleries, arts festivals and larger organisations such as Tate St Ives and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

    URL https://emmalindsay5558.wixsite.com/mysite

    Independent artist

  • Julia Pond

    Julia Pond

    Dance Artist

    Julia Pond is an independent dance artist with over twenty years of experience as a choreographer, teacher, facilitator and performer. An expert in Isadora Duncan technique and repertory, her contemporary research is at the intersection of dance and politics. Her choreography has been presented by Exit Festival Roma, The Musicall Compass, Cloud Dance Festival London, Katharine Hepburn Theatre (CT), the Art Monastery (Italy), Round in Circles Productions (Margate) and others. She was a founding member of contemplative social sculpture community the Art Monastery Project, and is a co-director of Duncan Dance Project. As a performer she has worked with artists Serena Korda and Zorka Wolny, performed with Duncan Dance Project in Long Center Austin, Parthenon in Nashville, Chicago's Joffrey Studios, and the Hellenic Center in Washington DC. She performed in Lori Belilove’s Isadora Duncan Dance Company (2001-2005) and Barbara Kane’s Isadora Duncan Dance Group (2013-2016) throughout the US an Europe. Teaching includes Lincoln University (UK), Bernie Grant Center (London), Peoples’ Friendship University (Moscow). From 2014-2017 she co-organised the Isadora Duncan International Symposium. Julia holds a BFA in Dance from Boston Conservatory, where she was mentored by Limon principle Jennifer Scanlon, an MA in International Relations, and an MFA in Creative Practice: Dance Professional at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

    URL http://www.juliapond.com/

    Dance Artist