E Bush: Findings in Time (performance)

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Emma Bush – Findings in Time: Material Memoirs (performance)

Beginning in a process of making material memoirs with my mother’s, Kathleen Bush (83) and Gail Marie Gauden (78), I will share extracts from emerging short stories springing from this source.  This storytelling focuses on memory, materiality, discovering ways to listen and create intimate encounter. These memoirs circle around a rhythm of return and repair, unearthing memories shared across bodies, times, and places. Whilst challenging conventions of time they reflect the ongoingness of life and the perpetual re-arrangement of things. These memoirs use materiality and sensory observation as an anchor for re-call, and trace shared acts of sensing performed together with my mother’s across the kitchen table, the garden, the imagination, and the page. 

This is a project with roots entrenched in, the fear of loss and old age, the immanence of death and our relationships with place. It is an expansive process mapping a person’s life in which we encounter ‘a rush of stories’ (Tsing:2015). How can stories offer a sense of contact with another time, place or moment and re-conceive of memory and thus ageing through a more-than-human and non-linear lens? Foregrounding an active relationship with place, ecological roots or ‘environmental inheritance’ these writings attempt to touch the intimate synergy and exchange between bodies and ‘environment’: “in which the human is always intermeshed with the more than human world.’’ (Alaimo: 2010)

The title ‘Findings in Time’ indicates a guiding idea which emphasises that a performance or story can be discovered by making it*. In other words, storytelling, writing, and creative acts are processes which invite receptivity and call up images, rhythms and constellations of words that find their own agency, presence, form, order, re-ordering and multiplicities of meaning.

Image Credit: Memory sketch from the notebook of Gail Marie Gauden. 

*I have borrowed the phrase ‘we discovered a performance by making it’ from Goat Island Performance Group.

Speakers for this event

  • Emma Bush

    Emma Bush

    Emma Bush works in the field of art and ecology through performance, site-specific walks, writing and workshops. Her practice maps processes of sensory exchange between ourselves and others, including places, species, systems and elements. Fields, Village Walk, and City Walk emphasised careful placement of attention, listening, co-species interdependence and playful reverence. Emma is currently making PhD research into memory shared across bodies, times and places and is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Plymouth University. Emma’s practice makes spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue through a series of research gatherings; ‘warm up’ explores embodied approaches for attending to internal and external landscapes. Using various modes of listening and attention the practice aims to generate spaciousness in form and process opening spaces for rest, repair, and recovery. Recently Emma has been making; ‘Night Walk,’ exploring how we use our bodies as tools for sensory navigation. Emma is currently an Associate Artist at Coombe Farm, a rural retreat centre in Dittisham, Devon and Research Associate with RANE (Research in Art, Nature and Environment.)

    URL https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/staff/emma-bush