E Belgrano & M Price: Vigil (overnight)

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Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano & Mark D. Price: Ornamentation in the Shadows of Death

The form of the ‘vigil’ may seem strange outside of religious ritual or shows of socio-political solidarity. But to our way of thinking there is a paradoxically ‘urgent need for patience’ in any serious exploration of Death. A different approach is needed. Unlike the didactics of a lecture or conference paper, a research vigil involves remaining awake to other possibilities – awaiting whatever ‘other’ makes itself visible and audible in a dialogue irreducible to ‘active performers’ and a ‘passive audience’. We hope to negotiate with whatever necessary silences, free improvisations, and contrary responses the vigil might generate. Vital encounters can not be planned in advance. In this sense a vigil is the opposite of a ritual. With ritual there a profound over-determination of methods and what is expected as ‘the outcome’. This research is a night- journey and our hope is that the discipline of remaining patient and alert to nuances will allow an exploration of the liminal zones between knowledge and non-knowledge, voyage and destination, with songs and words and silences honoring both life and death.

On-line EXPO “VOICES of NOTHINGNESS” (from the Book of Lamentations, set to music by Michel Lambert 1610-1689): https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/364135/738840

This will run approximately 22:00-06:00 and will include 9 intra-active lessons – one starting every hour. Duration for each lesson will depend on participants, but should not be longer than 40 min each one. You can come and go during the night but booking is required.

Speakers for this event

  • Dr Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

    Dr Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

    Dr. Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano (voice artist/priest candidate/performance philosopher) allows her performance research to diffract through contemporary vocal studies & 17th century vocal music. She is a recipient of the Noah Greenberg Award from the American Musicological Society (2005); was awarded a PhD in Performance in Theatre and Music Drama for Performing Nothingness through Operatic Mad Scenes and Lamentations, Univ. of Gothenburg (2011); supervisor and examiner through ‘performative methodologies’; investigating the Art of (Vocal) Ornamentation as an intra-active research tool for measuring Nothingness and the Unknown. Currently on the track of becoming a deacon in the Church of Sweden, practicing pastoral care and existential counselling in palliative care. Dr. Belgrano’s artistic research portfolio: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/378762/430811

    URL https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/378762/430811

  • The Revd Dr Mark D Price

    The Revd Dr Mark D Price

    The Rev. Dr. Mark D Price is an independent researcher with interests in aesthetics, philosophy of religion, and political thought. He is a practising poet and musician. 2002 PhD (BIHE, Violence and Value in Post-Kantian Philosophy) 2016 PhD (MMU, Form and Force in Poesis and Apophenia) 2019 Language (ten poems set to music, see Mark D Price on bandcamp). 2017- 2020 Various public lectures for the Lenkiewicz Foundation and related charities.