Hannah Green

I am a 21 year old University student at University Centre Sparsholt, Winchester , UK, with the ambition to go into conservation research or become a biologist. Previously I undertook two years Animal Management course at college to help me get into University, where I first undertook my FdSc Animal Management Degree, and am currently taking my BSc Zoo Biology Degree. After this, I plan to stay at Sparsholt to take a Zoo Biology Masters Degree. Research is such an important aspect in conservation as it enables conservationists, zoo keepers, vets, etc. to understand the remarkable species we have on this planet. I manage two Instagram accounts dedicated for wildlife photography; all of my animal photos are uploaded on there, giving facts about why the chosen species is endangered, followed by why it is important to its ecosystem. The aim is to engage people in understanding and raising awareness for the photographed species.

I have always been passionate about vultures, it is what drives me to support them. Growing up I knew I wanted to help protect endangered species, learning about them. My passion for them is what drives my ambition. I am yet to experience the hands on work with vultures but the main goal is to be out in the field researching them, discovering new ways to protect them, and the surrounding species, from the challenges and threats that they face.

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