“Death is our friend precisely because it brings us into absolute and passionate presence with all that is here, that is natural, that is love.”
— Reiner Maria Rilke

Our world is going through crisis, upheaval and confusion. Some see this moment as an evolutionary threshold. Death feels closer. Grief and loss touch us all.

This liminal space, in which old structures and belief systems are crumbling and no longer support us, in which the old has not fully died and the new has not yet emerged, is the very womb out of which every cycle of life arises.

Mystics of all traditions have pointed to death as one of the ultimate teachers. It is through the contemplation of, and the surrender to death that we come to fully embrace, not only life, but reality itself. 

This new online SAND gathering will allow us to reconnect as a community, to co-create a place of refuge, a safe place where we can all gather for 5 days. We will share knowledge, wisdom and experience, explore how to embrace loss, trust the wisdom of disintegration and welcome the unknown that awaits us at the next corner, in life as in death.
Let’s support one another during these times of challenges and revelations.
P.S. We will be limiting the number of participants for a more intimate setting. Sign up early!  

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Featured Speakers

Over 40 talks, interviews, live Q&A sessions, panels, “Death over Dinner” community conversations, music, films and poetry. 

Joanna Macy:  Finding an Ally in Death
Bayo Akomolafe: Death is always Unprecedented
Charles Eisenstein: Death to Life and Life to Death
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone: Breathing into the Contractions
Lama Rod Owens: Grief and Anger as a Vehicle for Social Change
Alua Arthur: Finding Life through Death
Michael Meade: The Mystery of Life, Death and Rebirth
Frank Ostaseski: Dying into Life
Mirabai Starr: Loss and Longing: Grief as a Spiritual Path
Paul Stamets: Psilocybin Mushrooms Are Medicinal
Kami Fletcher: African American Deathways as Social Justice
Chris Fields: Why Do We Die?
Swami Sarvapriyananda: The Atman—The Secret of Living and Dying 
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October 21–25, 2020
7:30am–1:30pm PDT
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Recordings of all sessions will be available


Scholarships are available to those with limited resources. The application must be received by October 4. Apply here.

Looking forward to sharing with you! 

With love,
the SAND Team